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For over 100 years, Hawarden Regional Healthcare’s staff has been dedicated to providing for the health and wellness of all in our communities through the delivery of quality healthcare close to home. That mission has not changed. Our goal is to be your resource for health and well being now and in the future.


Provide for the health and wellness of all in our communities through delivery of quality healthcare services close to home.


To be the regional leader in integrated rural healthcare.


Our core values at Hawarden Regional Healthcare are respect, compassion, teamwork, and trust. Because our work is not simply a job, but a calling it is imperative we live out our values.


We believe that each person possesses an innate human dignity and deserves our respect regardless of differences in race, religion, ability, socioeconomic position, or any other differentiating features.


When we are sick we are vulnerable. We may experience pain, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. In addition, the complexities of healthcare place many stresses on healthcare workers. Our responsibility as caregivers is to bear these experiences in mind and to respond to them with love. Mother Teresa said there are two kinds of human expressions: love and cries for love, both of which should be met with love. This is true for our patients, families, vendors, and each other.


Teamwork is critical both internally and externally. In order to optimize the health services for our community it is essential we collaborate with outside partners. In addition, employees of a rural hospital wear many hats. Our success is dependent on a coordinated collegial approach toward patient care and in all the activities that support patient care.


We have a special bond with our patients and communities, which is held together by trust. Trust is built on a foundation of integrity, competence, results, and behavior congruent with these elements.