The HRH Patient Portal is here!


  • View your health information online
  • Convenient online access whenever and wherever you need it.

Creating a Patient Portal Account is easy.

  1. The next time you are at Hawarden Regional Healthcare, let a staff member know you would like to get registered for the Patient Portal.
  2. You will receive information with a password for your account.
  3. You log in to the Hawarden Regional Healthcare website,, and click on the “Your HRH Patient Portal” tab.
  4. Click on the “Create an Account” tab, and enter your PIN and last name to identify yourself.
  5. Provide your current email address, password and secret question-answers – then click “Register.”

Once you’ve finished registering, you will receive a verification email. Follow the instructions on the verification email to complete the registration process.  You now have a Secure Patient Portal Account!

The Patient Portal is very secure—your information is protected with the same high level of security that all healthcare organizations are required to follow.

  • Information you access within your Patient Portal is protected with secure SSL encryption—the same security protocol that banks use to protect your financial information.
  • Any messages you send to—or receive from—your doctor or provider exists only within your secure portal; the confidential information in those messages is never sent through potentially unsecure email.
  • Your Patient Portal account is password protected and linked to your verified email address.
  • As with any online account you manage, you will want to keep your login credentials safe by 1.) not sharing your username and password with others, 2.) creating a “strong” password, or one that is hard to guess, and 3.) logging out of your account when you’re done accessing your Patient Portal account.