Welcome to Hawarden Regional Healthcare’s business office. We strive not only to provide the best healthcare, but the best overall experience for our patients.

Financial Counseling

A Financial Counselor is available at Hawarden Regional Healthcare to assist you with a variety of billing questions. Please call 712-551-3100 and ask to speak with our financial counselor if you need help interpreting your bill, if you would like to discuss payment terms and options, or if you would like to apply for our Financial Assistance Program.

Financial Assistance

Hawarden Regional Healthcare offers a Financial Assistance Program to those who demonstrate the inability to pay for qualified services due to inadequate resources. Eligibility for financial services is based on earned and unearned income of the patient and/or household and assets. To qualify, the patient will need to complete a Financial Assistance Application to serve as a basis for documenting the patient’s eligibility.

To complete the Financial Assistance Application the patient must provide the following information:

1. Earned income including monthly gross wages, salary, and self-employment income

2. Unearned income including dividends, interest and income from any other source such as cash assistance, unemployment, worker’s compensation, etc.

3. Number of dependents in household based on patient’s Federal Individual Income Tax Return

4. Information to determine the patient’s financial status, including assets and liabilities

5. Where appropriate, supporting documents such as payroll stubs, tax returns, credit reports, etc., will be requested to support information reported and should be filed with completed application

After the application is received, a decision to the patient’s eligibility will be determined within seven business days.