Emergencies can happen anytime, anyplace and without warning, but you can be confident in the emergency care available at Hawarden Regional Healthcare. Our Emergency Department has skilled and highly trained physicians and nurses with extensive knowledge in emergency care.
Trauma-level designated care
Hawarden Regional Healthcare is a designated Trauma Care Facility (Level IV) and Emergency Department care is available with a physician 24 hours a day every day of the year.
Need further emergency care
Hawarden Regional Healthcare is equipped with on-site helipad for quick helicopter transportation, should the need arise.
Tips for an emergency
– Call 911 as soon as possible to promote rapid treatment by EMS prior to ER arrival
– Provide as much information as you can
– Alert Doctors of any known allergies right away
– Keep a list of your medications with you at all times
– Keep a copy of your emergency contact information in your wallet or purse
– Have name and number of primary physician on hand
– Ask everyone to wash and sanitize their hands
– Ask a friend or loved one to go with you
– Ask questions continually
For minor injuries and illness please contact our Hawarden Clinic at 712.551.3400 or Ireton Clinic at 712.278.1011.