Lorna Westra has been at Hawarden Regional Hospital since 1991, which alone is enough to see the long-term impact and loyalty the hospital has to its employees. “It’s a wonderful work environment and I have great coworkers,” she says. Lorna originally entered the healthcare field because she wanted to help others, and that remains true today: the patients are her favorite part of her job.

“We have patients that have been coming to HRH for years. We get to know them well and we look forward to seeing them again.”

-Lorna Westra

Medical Assistant and Outpatient Clinic Coordinator


I wanted to write you to let you know what a wonderful and positive experience I received from Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy through your office in Hawarden.

I am considered home bound and over the last year really declined and lost a lot of my physical strength and mobility.

Both the PT and the OT employees are very professional, timely, caring, knowledgeable, and are great listeners, and very quickly assessed my needs. They were very good at listening to my caretaker’s (my husband) questions, needs, and input. Due to my rare immune disorder (Common Variable Immuno-Deficiency) I am at great risk of getting infections. Both of the women were more than willing to wear face masks and wipe and sterilize their medical equipment before using it on me.

I couldn’t believe after just one session with each therapist how much I learned about exercises and tools that really help with my daily tasks. Lynn taught me exercises I am able to do, and that has been really helping me to regain some strength. She really stressed moving and how incorporating more activity in my daily life will be beneficial for my overall well being.

They stressed that I learn to assess myself and conserve my energy on my bad days. After five sessions with each I was very comfortable knowing what is expected and how I can keep up with the exercises at home to regain some strength. They both provided an invaluable service. I am very pleased. I am hoping to be approved for additional therapy in a couple months and hope I get to work with them again.

I would really like to stress that the HRH therapists provided the best PT and OT services I have ever received. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need.

Mrs. Cliff Radloff


My shoulder was bad for about 2 weeks in a row. It first started hurting in June but my shoulder had given me fits for a while. My arm was pretty much immobile. I didn’t have a whole lot of movement. I could not hang my clothes up or put a coffee cup into the microwave in fact, I was doing almost everything with my other hand. As I look back I thought my quality of life was over.

I went to see my family doctor who said maybe we should give it a week to improve . I was later referred to physical therapy at Hawarden Regional Healthcare. My first impression was that this was going to be a surgical thing, such as maybe a shoulder replacement. The doctor encouraged me to attend physical therapy since surgery wasn’t a good idea for an 87 year-old individual. Some of my friends had rotator cuff surgery and that was a long process for them to improve so I was pleased to hear therapy might work.

On one of the first visits the therapist had to use some pressure to get the tendons and muscles loosened up and it worked. The shoulder really didn’t want to move very well on its own but did with the help of physical therapy. Then they showed me how I can loosen the muscles at home. As the movement increased I noticed the strength also increased and let me start to hang my clothes up again with my right hand!

The results of therapy are far better than expected. The duration of therapy was also much shorter than expected. After 6-8 weeks, my shoulder has full movement now, is completely pain free and my strength is still increasing. I can use my arm better now than I could even before the injury! Lynn even had me lifting 10# in therapy! I’m very pleased to see my shoulder operates much better than those of others I’ve seen.

I highly recommend physical therapy at Hawarden Regional Healthcare. The personnel have always been encouraging, supportive, and very positive that we were going to make it work. I hope others give therapy a try if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Lorvan Hawkins


I was in an accident March 21, 2017. I broke my femur, my ankle and my foot in four places along with six broken ribs and a concussion. I wasn’t sure I would even walk again. Or work again. My wife worked the whole time I was off ( 5 1/2 months). I felt terrible. But I started physical therapy in the Hawarden Hospital and they even came to my house  and then at the hospital. I owe all those people a heck of a lot. They were kind and very nice people. I got to know  all of them by their first name and worked with all of them. They are the most dedicated people I know and would do anything for any one of them. They even let me workout on all of the machines on the days I didn’t have therapy.

I would recommend the wellness center also (very cheap) and they will answer all questions concerning your work out. $20 bucks a month. Who can’t afford that.

Thank you so much,

Dean Jurrens


I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of my experiences with Hawarden Regional Healthcare’s Physical and Occupational Therapy services. Early this year, I broke my leg, which resulted in surgery. That, in addition to mobility problems caused by MS made recovery a challenge.

I was fortunate to transfer from Sanford in Sioux Falls where I had surgery, directly to a swing bed at the Hawarden Hospital. Physical and Occupational Therapy began immediately, with the therapists first working with me in my hospital room, then making home visits after I was released, and continuing in the new Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation area.

The HRH has a reputation for excellence, which from my experience is well deserved. The therapists are knowledgeable and compassionate, helping patients set goals and then accomplish things that once seemed out of reach. I have been amazed at the number of times they have assessed a situation, and made suggestions that solved the problems I was encountering. They also came to my home several times, and helped us find ways to make mobility in daily life safer and simpler.

With the help of the HRH Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Department, I have regained a great deal of strength, mobility, and self-confidence. This community and the surrounding area are fortunate to be served by this level of care and commitment. I have nothing but the highest praise for not only the HRH Physical and Occupational Therapy Departments, but the HRH as a whole. “Caring Close to Home” is not only a phrase, it is a philosophy that serves as the foundation for the level of care provided by a “small town hospital” with a vision!

Cathy Noble