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Hawardenregional 152

Food Services

Patient Meals

Hawarden Regional Healthcare provides nutritious meals according to Doctor Orders.  Patients are able to request meals of their choosing. Nourishing, Wholesome well balanced meals are important part of healing process. Patient meals are served at 7:30 Am., Lunch served at 11:30 Am., dinner meal at 5:30pm.

Visitor meals

Family members who wish to have meals with patients may go to cafeteria, purchase meal there and bring it back to the patient's room. Guest trays may be ordered in advance and delivered to the patient room for a cost of $5.00


Food Services

Cafeteria hours

Breakfast – 8:30am -10am, Monday through Friday 

Lunch – 11am-1pm Monday through Friday, (Saturday and Sunday meals are preordered.)

Supper meals are to be ordered by 3:30 pm if possible.

Hawarden Regional Healthcare also has limited vending machine options available 24/7.


Patients age 10 and under

One free guest tray per patient per meal time is allowed. Additional guest trays will be charged the customary price.  This guest tray should be requested at least two hours in advance of the meal. If possible.

Complimentary Meal

One complimentary tray per patient per meal time or special situations is allowed.  Additional meals are encouraged to visit the cafeteria for meals.

Dietitian consults

A Registered Dietitian is available to consult with patients who may have special dietary needs or nutritional concerns. The Registered Dietitian is also available for outpatients consults such as Diabetes Education, Weight Management, Allergies, Digestive problems and other specific nutritional concerns. Appointments can be made through referrals from your provider.