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Ready Labs

With ReadyLABS there’s no need for a physician referral. That means you and your loved ones can simply stop in when it’s convenient and take advantage of a variety of blood tests for a flat fee.

ReadyLABS Hours 

Monday - Friday - 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM *No weekends or holidays 

  • There’s no appointment necessary.
  • There’s no additional clinic fee or need to bill insurance.

General Health Panel $70.00: Bundled testing which includes Lipid, CMP, CBC and TSH.

Lipid Panel (LIPID) $25.00: Includes Total Cholesterol; HDL (good Chol.); Triglycerides; calculated LDL (bad Chol.). This profile is to measure heart health for coronary disease.

Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP) $20.00: Glucose; BUN; Creatinine; Sodium; Potassium; Chloride; Albumin; Bilirubin; Calcium; Carbon Dioxide; Alkaline Phosphatase; Protein; ALT; AST. This is a common profile for yearly physicals to measure the function of the body's organs.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) $15.00: White Blood Cells; Red Blood Cells; Hemoglobin; Hematocrit; Platelets; MCH; MCV; MCHC. This is a common profile for yearly physicals and will measure the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and for bone marrow cell production.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Free T4 (FT4) $30.00: Measures Thyroid function.

Hemoglobin A1C (HGBA1C) $20.00: Gives you an average blood glucose level over the last 2-3 months. An elevated level suggests poor diabetes control.

Glucose (GLU) $10.00: Screening for, diagnose, and monitor diabetes and prediabetes.

Vitamin D $60.00: Determines if you have a vitamin D deficiency or determines if you are adequately receiving vitamin D supplementation.

You’ll receive results within a week and can share them with your provider.

Credit card payment, Check or Cash is due at the time of service.

Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid will not be billed for ReadyLABS.

Contact Us at 712-551-3100 for more information.